July 2008
It's been an action packed summer so far...seems like Father's Day was ages ago. Here's what I've been up to:

Bryan McClenahan, son of Sunshine and Lou, and former California State Fiddle Champ, is getting married. The wedding is 8.8.08 and while it will be a blast, I can tell you that his bachelor party was also much fun. Flight SNAFUs abounded but once we all got there, the fun began. We did some night life stuff and then golfed the next day...turns out Larry Chung the musician extraordinaire has quite a game. The golfing took a lot out of us (100+ degrees) and if it had not been for red bull and sheer will, we might have crashed out early that night...but we managed to do your typically unmentionalbe-type activities.

Baby Stuff
We are just now around the half way point to becoming parents. So far everything is going well and we were able to find out that she will be a little girl! Everyone in the bluegrass world has been really congratulatory and we really appreciate that. This may sound naive, but I wish I could fast forward to birth and meet her...I know I know, sleep now, your in for a ride, get ready for this, get ready for that.

4th of July
All the big festivities in Paradise, CA were cancelled because of the fires up there, but most of us decided to go anyways and hang out despite the air quality. We had a blast hanging out with friends, pickin' and swimmin', and surprising Pat Ickes with a birthday cake. That was his mother Elida's idea. The best part was getting to visit with Fred and Melinda Stanley who have been absent quite a bit lately due to medical conditions. We wish them best and hope they can make some more events soon. I would also like to thank God and all the fire fighters who helped protect everyone's homes in Paradise and all over California. And of course condolences to everyone who lost a home or loved one.

Our band Bound to Ride was hired to play "Bluegrass on the Comstock" which is put on by the Nevada Bluegrass Project and I cannot say enough great things about this festival. The promoters were awesome and the town is unbelievably cool to visit. The stage is set in a nice little park, there was plenty of jamming and the weather was perfect. All the bands played expertly! The town of Virginia City is a very historic little place with wooden walkways, unique stores, and wonderfully old buildings. On a tip we found Cafe Del Rio, which served some of the best Mexican food any of our seven person party had ever had, evidenced by Pat Ickes liking his plate clean. We also discovered Bruno Brandli's home away from home, a Nevada version of the Men's Crisis Center.

We traveled to the gig via HW 80 through Reno, but Ivona and I decided to take HW 88 on the way back so that we could visit my grandparents old house. They built it on the eastern slopes of the Sierras just due East of South Lake Tahoe. When my grandpa passed away, my grandma sold it to move closer to us. When they bought the land it was barren so they built a house, planted trees, and lived their dream retirement. I spent a lot of time there hiking, skiing, exploring and having a blast, so it was great see the area again. Many of the trees had matured and the whole property looked great. The current owners let me snap some pictures so I could share them with my grandma...and you!


Reviewer: Les McIntyre
PHIL CORNISH - WALKAWAY- No label, no number

"Phil Cornish is a bluegrass musician from the San Francisco Bay Area. For his latest solo recording project, he has gathered an impressive array of talented musicians including Pat Ickes (banjo), Megan Lynch (fiddle), Mike Tatar (fiddle), Mike Anglin (bass) and others too numerous to mention. Phil performs most of the lead vocals and accompanies himself on both guitar and mandolin. Most of the 16 selections were either written or co-written by Phil Cornish. There is an almost equal balance between vocals and instrumentals, featuring "Since You Walked Out on Me", "California Gold, " Bitter Wind Ain't Always Bad," and stirring performance is the story song "The Bar Fight" which could be a good item for airplay. "Walkaway" is a breathtaking offering of contemporary-styled bluegrass oozing with originality and emotion, and future recording projects by Phil Cornish are eagerly anticipated."


"This is an intriguing album with a mixture of textures and tones that reveal more nuances with each listening." -Brenda Hough


"The entire project is jam packed with surprises and nuances to delight the mind. There is plenty of creativity laid upon a firm musical foundation." -George Ireton


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